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55 stunning 2013 World Press Photo prize-winning photographs

Best images of the year World Press Photo, founded in 1955, is an independent nonprofit organization based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), known for holding the largest and most prestigious annual press photography contest. Every year in February an independent international jury consisting of thirteen members, and composed of graphic designers, photographers and representatives of press

Minimum wages in Europe (2012)

Did you know that the minimum wage in Luxembourg is 13.6 times higher than Bulgaria’s? Yes, in Europe there are also disparities, and inequality among countries. Six countries have a minimum wage above 1000 € whereas there are 10 countries whose minimum wage is below 400 €. Find out which ones.

Santa Claus has his own postal code in Canada

Every year across the world millions of letters are sent to Santa Claus containing children’s best wishes and good will to the man that supplies more presents than anyone else on the planet. Aware of this many postal offices have created special services to collect and reply all the letters, but in Canada they went even further: they created Santa Claus postal code.

How much does a cinema ticket cost in…?

Going out is becoming expensive in many cities, but going to the cinema is becoming a luxury. Some theaters are reaching 20 USD for a 3-D film in the USA. But that is just 2.75 working hours considering the minimum wage of the USA. In Mexico D.F., a worker needs to spend until 9 hours working to get a cinema ticket.

Nigel Farage: the no longer Mr Nice Guy

Nigel Farage is widely known for his “straight” speeches at the EU Parliament. On 24 February 2010 in a response to a speech of Herman Van Rompuy (the President of the European Council) he taunted the EU leader by saying that he had “the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of low grade bank clerk”.

The American Dream

To understand how the US monetary system (and the Fed) works can be hard. For this reason some guys decided to create the AMERICAN DREAM, a 30 minute animated film that shows you (according to the authors) “how you’ve been scammed by the most basic elements of our government system”.

The trolley problem and the World War II

“A trolley is running out of control down a track. In its path are five people who have been tied to the track by a mad philosopher. Fortunately, you could flip a switch, which will lead the trolley down a different track to safety. Unfortunately, there is a single person tied to that track. Should you flip the switch or do nothing?”

MDG (Mostly Delayed Goals?)

The 8 September 2000, during the 8th plenary meeting at the United Nations General Assembly a historic resolution was adopted. Under the code A/55/L.2 the General Assembly joined efforts and approaches by adopting the so called United Nations Millennium Declaration. The Declaration was concreted in 8 goals, which received the name of ‘Millennium Development Goals’.

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