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Common Humanitarian Fund: a path to a more efficient funding?

The Common Humanitarian Funds (CHFs), pools of un-earmarked funds made available at the country level for UN agencies and NGOs, were established in 2006 as a new tool to improve the already existing Consolidated Appeal Process, which lacked strategic planning when allocating funds. 5 years later the third evaluation report of the CHFs has been released. Which are the main findings of this report?

Water for sustainable peace

The UN Security Council states that “climate change poses a real threat to international peace and security”. War and drought in Somalia are leading an unprecedented migration across the border into Kenya. Lack of access to water remains one of the major drivers of the ongoing conflict in Darfur. Water becomes, then, a key element for peace.

Responsibility to Protect: Why did the traditional approach of the UN Security Council change?

In order to maintain international peace and security, the United Nations’ Peacekeeping Operations have been a response to the failure of the collective security system. After the bad UN performance in Iraq in 2003, new initiatives of humanitarian interventions, as the ‘Responsibility to Protect’, have been disputed: How to get a workable compromise between humanitarian intervention and non-intervention?

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