The need to get things explained

A group of International Relations ex-alumni decided to develop this website in October 2010. The site aims to analyze and explain international affairs in a clear, simple and easy way to understand. We wish to bring international reality closer to ordinary people. International Relations are not just relations between countries, but between cities, companies, organizations and citizens. We aim to cover this entire spectrum.

And most importantly, we also intend to demonstrate the link between international affairs and people describing how world politics affect citizens.

We believe people’s lack of interest in international politics lies in its complexity. Global politics, economy, environment are getting more and more complex over time. And this lack of interest, in turn, causes difficulty of understanding. This leads to indifference and passivity. Hence, to understand is the first step to raise awareness, and then to action.

So, here we are, taking the first step: to explain what is happening. Would you like to join our purpose? We really need all help possible.

Nonprofit and Creative Commons contents

The purpose of this site is completely nonprofit. We do not want to make money, we want to raise awareness. The articles published on this site are nonprofit (this means that the author receives no money in exchange, that is to say that the author is making a “donation”). United Explanations is under a Creative Commons licenceYou may republish them with attribution for non-commercial purposes and attributing the article to the specified author and website, following the CC guidelines.

All the images used on this site are also under Creative Commons licence and are obtained on Flickr, Google Images, etc. By hovering over the image, the authors of the image appear. Clicking on them takes you straight to the image source.

Our team – take part!

United Explanations relies on a team of 15 editors and more than one hundred contributors. If you want to collaborate with us by providing explanations, writing your own blog, or helping us to promote our contents click here and join us!