World is complex and hard to understand. Our project consists of explaining international affairs in an easy way,  we  want to make the world more simple to understand. Do you want to get involved in the project?

Please, contact us if you want to collaborate with us writing articles, editing, promoting our contents, managing social media, getting new staff, etc. We have a lot of things to do!


Writers: we are looking for writers in different languages, SpanishEnglish, French and Portuguese.The subjects we need to cover are economy, politics, social issues, environment, development and regional affairs, among others.

Bloggers: we are looking for bloggers for our corporate blogs and country blogs. We offer flexibility and disclosure to your posts through our social media channels. Do you want to have your own blog? Then you might be interested in having a personal UnitedExplanations blog!

Editors: we are continuously looking for editors and coeditors for some of our sections like Economy & Business, Cooperation & Development, Graphshot, Environment, Politics, Society, etc.

Web developers: we need web developers used to work on WordPress, we want to develop new sections and applications for our users and we need people who give us a hand on this.

Graph designers, photographers: we need people who help us develop graph materials, who take care  of selecting nice pictures for our posts, and who help us develop graph contents for our website.

So, if you are good at one of these things and you are excited about contributing to our project, don’t think twice, you are the one we are looking for. Our job is nonprofit but its outcomes are doing a great profit to the society.

Join our purpose. We are a growing team but we need to be even bigger!

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