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How internet activism and street art can change Iran

In late May, an Iranian court sentenced eight people to 123 years in prison for administrating Facebook pages that the judiciary claims spread anti-government propaganda and insulted the country’s leaders. In Iran, Facebook and other social media sites were officially banned in 2009 after opposition members used them to organize protest rallies following the disputed

25 films to raise our political consciousness

We tend to associate politics with two extremes: a ridiculous and tacky public performance or an office where behind closed doors shady characters decide on their advantage the fate of the rest of the mortals. Cinema, in some curious cases, has been able to lucidly interpret both aspects. Today we introduce you our selection of 25 films that will raise your political consciousness.

55 stunning 2013 World Press Photo prize-winning photographs

Best images of the year World Press Photo, founded in 1955, is an independent nonprofit organization based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), known for holding the largest and most prestigious annual press photography contest. Every year in February an independent international jury consisting of thirteen members, and composed of graphic designers, photographers and representatives of press