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The Central African Republic: Its brighter face

The Central African Republic (CAR) remains a quite unknown republic for many out there. With their historical and cultural enchantment, the CAR’s traditional dances have found a way of shedding a new light on the prevailing views of this country. Culture has the power to bring knowledge, and dance is a marvelous way of giving a joyful and power-charged view of culture of the CAR.

Common Humanitarian Fund: a path to a more efficient funding?

The Common Humanitarian Funds (CHFs), pools of un-earmarked funds made available at the country level for UN agencies and NGOs, were established in 2006 as a new tool to improve the already existing Consolidated Appeal Process, which lacked strategic planning when allocating funds. 5 years later the third evaluation report of the CHFs has been released. Which are the main findings of this report?