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Belarus: license to kill

Belarus holds two sad records: On the one hand, it is the last dictatorship in Europe. On the other hand, is the only European country where the capital punishment is still in practice. But what is the position of Belarusian population on death penalty? What can the European Union do to promote its abolition?

The Spirit Divide: Past and Present of Communism in the Czech Republic

Twenty years after the beginning of the decay of Communism in the Czech Republic, marked by the “Velvet Divorce” in 1993, spirits are still divided, as the country is caught up in the ideological debate over the survival of the current communist party in the Czech Republic, the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM), one of the most prominent in European political circles.

How Facebook overthrew a dictator

The current wave of democratic revolutions in the Arab world has evidenced the rising power of new social networks. Facebook and other Internet networks had a crucial role in the downfall of the dictatorships in Egypt and Tunisia, which found themselves unprepared from the “dangers” of new technologies.