Lake Titicaca, PERU. The International Day of Indigenous Women is commemorated on September 5th, which was instituted at the Second Meeting of American Organizations and Movements in Tihuanacu, Bolivia, in 1983. It is in honor of the struggle of Aymara Bartolina Sisa, who led the resistance against the domination and oppression of the Spanish, and was killed by them in 1782 in the city of La Paz.

At the Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing, 1995), attention was given to indigenous women’s issues and their claims, for the first time. At this conference, indigenous women from all over the World approved and signed the Beijing Declaration of Indigenous Women. In the picture: a portrait of a Uros woman. Uros women mainly work in the making of traditional fabrics, the sale of which is one of the greatest contributions to the household economy of indigenous communities near Taquile.

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