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Belarus: license to kill

Belarus holds two sad records: On the one hand, it is the last dictatorship in Europe. On the other hand, is the only European country where the capital punishment is still in practice. But what is the position of Belarusian population on death penalty? What can the European Union do to promote its abolition?

The European Court of Human Rights: an institution for peace

European Court of Human Rights has been gaining a fair amount of media attention recently: last year it ruled against George Soros, a famous institutional investor; this year it has ordered Italy to compensate the migrants that it returned to Lybia. But what do we really know about the Europe’s highest human rights court? This article gives a reader a general overview.

What does the new constitution of Morocco bring?

Last week the King of Morroco announced a draft of the new Constitution which will be voted on the referendum on July 1. The new text introduces some notable democratic advances but still leaves many Moroccans, particularly the young, unsatisfied, which already led to yesterday’s demonstrations. Let’s see what foes the new Constitution brings and why it is being criticized.