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Greece, what now?

In 1986, we started talking about the common market, later known as the single market. In 1999, we started talking about the common currency, later single currency too. The fact that the Eurozone did not meet any of the Optimal Currency Area criteria was no secret back then and is no secret now. That Greece

Philip VI? Or Republic?

On the morning of June 19th, 2014, a new king came to power in Spain: Philip VI, formerly known as the Prince of Asturias. Two weeks earlier, on June 2nd, Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy had announced that King Juan Carlos I had decided to abdicate and transfer the throne to his son. At about

Catalan Independence? Now?

The debate on Catalan independence has been politicised to the extreme. In today’s article, we break open the topic, asking a simple question – which has multiple answers: Is it worth achieving independence right now in order to stop the fiscal looting, in exchange for the heavy costs this event will bring?